Following types of maintenance and care are being covered to start this plan, however, further on the suggestions and recommendations of the members, others services and products will also be added from time to time.

  1. Home Maintenance job: Jobs related to the home maintenance such as Electric, Carpenter, Plumber and services of Air Conditioners, Freezer, washing machines and other work at home will offer points volume (PV) to earn the monthly income and Savings.
  2. Personal Care: Beauty services are very popular now a days and also bearing a regular cost for this also, now even saloon service will offer you points volume (PV) and that will be converted in to cash back and Savings.
  3. Machinery and equipment: Machinery and equipment are the important parts of human life. Car and two wheelers maintenance required regular expenses for smooth ride, Sumi Saver will offer point volume on service and these point volume (PV) will become your income and savings.